Top radio shows in the world

Top radio shows in the world


Despite the transformation that the internet has brought about and the dimensions it has brought in the way people get information, the Radio remains a vital part of our lives. We all love the radio. Regardless of whether you are only after good music, certain specific shows or sports news, listening to radio programs is inevitable. Ever since it was first introduced, people from all over the world listen to the radio.  To get more information about radio shows to check out CB Radio Guru.

Top radio shows in the world

 The Glenn Beck Show 

With over 7 million listeners in America alone, the show is one of the most conservative programs available. It airs from 5pmand runs till R8pm. With Glenn Beck as its host, besides having a sense of humor entertains and educates listeners on the latest news and political developments. The host often includes political commentaries in the show as he interjects with personal reflections and comic comments.

Alexander Nut

Everyone loves Alexender Nut’s program aired on Rinse FM based in London because it gives an exceptional British approach to metropolitan music. With a broad range of soul, rugged and abstract music the show mostly sounds as though it is improvised, a unique quality of the radio station in general. Alex is your ultimate selector and has rich collections of tracks to ensure every Saturday show (the program airs from 1200-1400 GMT) is tantalizing.

Rush Limbaugh Show 

A juggernaut of talk shows, Limbaugh’s program has over 13.25 million listeners making it the highest rated show in the US. It is largely a conservative talk show hosted by eponymous Rush and produced by Premiere Network. It comes to you from noon and airs for three hours on a daily basis. The show covers a broad range of topic with a special focus on political commentary. Rush Limbaugh is so popular many notable political fugues that include Coli Powell, former secretary of state have featured on it.

 Electrons Libres

Electron Libres radio show is your ultimate newer program in Montreal. It is aired at the lovely GIBL studios, every Thursday from 2000 to 2130 hours, and hosted by three beautiful ladies with great voices. The show typically features captivating interviews and brings to you all the important happenings on the busy Montreal scene. It also plays nice music selections that mainly focus on abstract and electric vibes.

 Counter Intelligence 

Counter Intelligence which airs on Red bull Radio support the resurgence of a record store and captures the characters behind the counters. It is a simple concept wise but completely international in scope. The online radio show provides a platform for owners of independent record shops from across the globe to play their favorite tracks and share their stories.


People from various parts of the world still cling onto the radio to listen to their preferred radio programs. There are very many international standard radio stations available around the world. While most are terrestrial, a few online Radio shows command a sizeable following. As more radio stations are opened competition increases with proprietor resorting to paying radio hosts generously to ensure they do not cross over to their competitors. The hosts, in turn, reciprocate by working extremely hard to satisfy the desires of their loyal listeners.

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