Sights You’ll See When Booking a Kauai Helicopter Tour

Sights You’ll See When Booking a Kauai Helicopter Tour

Most travelers who have made their way to Hawaii have one thing in common; they agree that one of the best ways to see this beautiful region is by air. And when in Kauai, a helicopter tour is one guaranteed way for an unforgettable view of sights like the gorgeous Na Pali coast. There are various companies offering helicopter services, so you will have to choose one for your adventure. Here are some of the epic sights that you should expect to see;

The Mesmerizing Aerial View Of The Beautiful Kauai’s Waterfalls

If the sight of water gets you all excited, then you haven’t seen anything so gorgeous until you see the numerous waterfalls in and around Kauai. While it’s possible to get a glimpse of them while on a boat tour or hiking, the only and best way to view all of them is from above. If you take one of the 3 best helicopter tours on Kauai, you will come across the Jurassic Park waterfalls as you fly across the Hanapepe valley, and afterward, be ready to go across over ten waterfalls in almost every valley you come across. What a thrill!

The Captivating Coastline Of Na Pali

Among the most extraordinary sights you will come across on your helicopter tour is the ever-beautiful coastline of Na Pali. Loosely translated as cliffs, the Na Pali park is often defined as one of the most outstanding parts of this adventurous Hawaii island. It’s pronounced with the outstanding green emerald cliffs of 17 miles stretching to the spiky mountains. And the white stretch of the sandy beach at its border completes the look. You will also fall in love with the greenish-blue color of the ocean water.

The Weeping Wall Of Mount Waialeale

This part of Kauai is deeply dominated by the ever wet and rainy Hanalei Valley. And it’s a few meters past here that the epic Mount Waialeale lies. The area is considered to be one of the wettest spots globally. All these thanks to the dripping water from over 20 waterfalls from above. The water flows through the walls, making its way into the steep volcano below and then straight into the river at its foot. And as you can imagine, the weather here isn’t that favorable, so you better be dressed for that. The thrilling experience includes a flight just below the clouds and straight into the falling rain. If you want, you can even get to experience how it feels being next to the weeping wall. And if by any chance you opt for the doors off helicopter tour, then expect a lot of wetness, wind and of course cold.

Bonus Tips: It’s always advisable to listen to your pilot when on a helicopter tour. If you choose an open door, avoid sticking heads out as this could be dangerous for obvious reasons. But this is generally a rare occurrence. The best time to go for a helicopter tour over here is over summer.

Also, If you aren’t afraid of challenging hikes around Kauai, then the weeping wall presents you such a rare opportunity. Most hikers refer to it as the Blue Hole Hike. And because of its wetness, expect to experience a full day of tough trekking.

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